Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is an incredible form of non toxic facial rejuvenation, and a wonderful alternative to botox and fillers. Each treatment is specifically designed to address the concerns of a patient.

During a treatment, needles are inserted in and around areas of concern; a wrinkle, acne scarring, and active breakout etc.

Once the needle is inside the skin, it creates a micro trauma. The body then begins to flood the area with oxygen, nutrients, collagen and elastin to accelerate healing.

In all facial treatments I use additional body points in order to supercharge your treatments.

The effects are incredible!


  • 90 Min Cosmetic Acupuncture £135 (recommended for new clients)
  • 60 Min Cosmetic Acupuncture £90
  • 60 Min Acupressure facial £95